Do You Treat Your Network Marketing Business Like A Business?

What type of business is your network marketing business?

Are you treating your network marketing business like a business or like a hobby?

If you treat your business like a hobby what you could tend to do is to just dabble in it from time to time. Now if you do that from time to time and you are finding that you are not getting results, then it is more than likely you are not committing yourself to the business, hence you are treating the business as a hobby!

You may be thinking right now, well I can only do this network marketing thing part-time, because you are currently working full-time and you can’t fit anything else in…that’s all fine!

Just set yourself up with Hours of Operation on the time you are going to work on your network marketing business.

What do I mean by hours operation?

Your hours of operation that you are going to apply to your business. Just say for instance you only have an hour a day to apply, then work out the time you are going to work in your business. It could be 8pm to 9pm each evening. Then that’s what you do, you apply that time each day.

You just need to be aware that if you are not going to apply any time into the business, then the truth is you won’t get any results. It is like anything, if you don’t apply the work and put in the effort you will not get the results. You may not want to hear this but it is reality.

If you look around at successful people…how did they become so successful? They applied the time and the effort. It doesn’t just appear from thin air.

Have a look at some of the successful leaders in the network marketing industry such as Ray Higdon, Jonathon Budd, Michelle Pescisolido and Diane Hochman, these are a few that spring to mind. These people are so successful, they are industry leaders…why? Because they are consistent in their actions, they work hard, they apply the time and the effort.

I will compare working a new business to learning a golf swing. You need to learn the components in the golf swing, practice the movements, apply the time to learn the movements, apply the effort to learn the movements so that over the time it all comes together.

This is the same just like your network marketing business.

Learn the components you need to learn, apply the time, apply the effort and then the results will come.

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