Prospecting for Network Marketing

In Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing they call it prospecting.

The definition of prospecting is; a potential or likely customer, client. etc. (source

To me it sounds as though you are chasing people and putting them under pressure to join your business or to purchase product from you. I don’t like the way it sounds.

I use the term prospecting in a different form. I consider prospecting is actually connecting.

Yes connecting with people.

People don’t like to be sold to. Do you like to be sold to or do you like to make a decision about something you want to do or buy when you are ready? I know I like to make the decision when I am ready.

People love to buy. People love to buy when they they are ready. I love to buy what I want when I am ready and I am sure you are the same. Not by forcing them to buy something… you will never see them again.

Let’s look at how you can connect with people online?

Here is a way to connect with people online and you are going to do it through Facebook.

Why Facebook?

There are over one billion people on Facebook. There is a a huge network of people.

Now you don’t want to go up to anyone and say to them, here are my products, this is how you can buy them and then see you later.

What I suggest for you is to join some Facebook groups. Perhaps start with two groups.

  1. People in your niche, or target market
  2. Other network marketers in the same company as you are representing

The plan here is to grow your network of people. Let your network of people get to know who you are!

To connect with these people, send them a message and say “Hi, my name is (your name). I saw that we are in the same group (whatever the group name is), I just wanted to connect and say hi, I hope you have a wonderful day”

And that is it!

You will find that most will respond back, and most likely request to be your friend.

That’s where the relationship begins. Remember it it is only the beginning.

This is how you prospect, you connect & build relationships. Not sell, sell, sell.

Have a fantastic day.

To your abundance,


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